History of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games that you will ever play, and when people think of things that are played in a casino, for most of them roulette is one of the first coming to their minds. However, there is a long history behind roulette that surprises most people who hear it. First off, the game was invested by mistake. Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, invented the spinning wheel while he was trying to master the perpetual motion machine, something that he never accomplished. Interestingly, this game was basically played as it is today.

However, years later, two brothers, Francois and Louis Blanc took the game even further with their spinning wheel. It was rumored that the brothers sold their soul to the devil in order to get this game to make sense. The number figures that they used 0 to 36, are still the same numbers that are used today. The way in which the brothers developed this is not well known, hence the reason that so many considered the brothers to have sold their soul to the Devil. Interestingly, the numbers on the Roulette wheel do equal up to 666.

As more and more gambling rules were put into place throughout the world, the game of Roulette never seemed to drop down in popularity. The Blanc brothers moved their operations to Monte Carlo when the gambling laws caught up to them, and here it became a hit. Yes, it was one hundred years until the entire world was playing the game. However, considering the fact that there was no Internet or television and that this game got around my word of mouth alone, it is a pretty awesome feat. The popularity of the game was in the way that people could have fun and still win money without having to count cards or put forth much mathematical know how in order to win the game.

Today, the game is one that is played almost everywhere and usually according to the European rules since these are geared more towards the player rather than the house. However, when playing in the US, American rules are usually at play, since they benefit the house more. The game has become one of those extremely popular online and there are tons of people enjoying the game with the wish to win some money. However, the betting system is still something that no one has mastered, and hence this game is considered one that requires a lot of luck, and just a little skill.

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