Dealing with losing

How to deal with a losing casino session.

I should be correct in thinking that everyone knows the casino has an advantage over the player and will always win in the long run. However, the long run is longer than most people give it credit for and in the short term luck is a major factor and cause some great winning streaks but also some losing ones too.

When you are winning you will be in love with the game and everything seems good in the world. If you are playing blackjack and hit on a 14, you will seem to get a seven with alarming regularity, if you are playing roulette you will hit numbers far more frequently. You seem like a gambling genius!

On the other side of the coin though are losing streaks and losing streaks seem to last forever and can be extremely demoralising indeed. How you deal with the stresses of losing will have a massive effect on how much money you lose. You have to be much more disciplined when losing than you do when winning as you can never win too much but the opposite is frighteningly true.

The best way to deal with losing is to play stakes that are suited to your bankroll. If you only have £50 to gamble then there is little point in playing blackjack for £10 per hand as you could potentially lose all your money in just five hands. Imagine you are the player who has £50 and loses it all in five hand and compare it to someone else with £50 but plays for £1 per hand, and still loses it all but over the course of several hours. Which player will feel the worst?

On the subject of bankrolls ensure that the money you are playing with can be lost and is not needed for household bills and expenses. Nothing exaggerates the pain of losing money that losing money that you had planned to use for something else. If you cannot afford to lose it, then do not begin to use it, is a great motto to stand by.

If you are suffering a number of consecutive losses then simply walk away from the game and play something else or wait to play until the following day. You will be amazed at how many people have played whilst upset or angry only to go on and lose even more money when if they had walked away, calmed down and played again some other time they would have still had money to gamble with!

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